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Ladies intimate waxing

Talking of ladies waxing, some women stalk their hair in every nook and cranny. Before proceeding with an intimate hair removal, it is good to know that the hairs haveRead More »
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Lash lifting and tint Treatment - Good Hand Therapy - Bethnal Green - London - UK

Lash lifting and tint: all about this treatment that gives long lashes that are always curved

The lash lifting and tint of the eyelashes is a technique specially designed to curl and lift the natural eyelashes without damaging them while preserving them. To perfect the effect,Read More »
Male waxing applied by beauty esthetician at Good Hand Therapy

Male waxing: a mastered technique at Good Hand Therapy for your well-being!

Male body hair isn't always wanted where it is. If they are sometimes perceived as a signature of virility, their excessive abundance or on the contrary their less bushy implantationRead More »

8 things to know before having a lash lift

Do you know eyelash enhancement, more commonly called lash lift or lash botox? If you're like many other women and your biggest makeup struggle is definitely the look of yourRead More »
Lymphatic drainage massage therapy offered at Good Hand Therapy salon in Bethnal Green London UK

What is lymphatic drainage massage ?

Lymphatic drainage massage, is a gentle massage method, aimed at improving the circulation of the lymph. This method of massage serves to drain the lymph, a colorless liquid which circulatesRead More »