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As the lashes expert in Bethnal Green London there is no better place to get the most uplifting, enhanced natural lashes for a wide awake and beautiful look.

This relaxing 45-minute treatment will literally transform your natural lashes so you can say goodbye to mascara if you choose to!

We’ll straighten your lashes at the root, then tint them for longer, thicker lashes that last for 6-8 weeks. It’s damage-free and completely low maintenance. You’ll just wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Lashes and brows are our specialisms that people travel miles across London to experience. Long luscious lashes and a well-cared for brow will give structure to your face and make you look wide-awake.

There is no better way to draw attention to your eyes and look your beautiful best than with luscious lashes and a well-cared for brow.

Never underestimate the difference a little definition makes to your lashes and brows. You can expect a natural-looking and low maintenance finish that really enhances what mother nature gave you.

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Lashes and brows
Lash lift
45 mins
Brow tint
10 mins
Lash lift + Tint
50 mins
Lash tint
15 mins
Lash & brow tint
15 mins
Brow Waxing
The brow is the feature of the decade. Whether you want a full-on power brow or a neat and tidy eyebrow to frame your eyes, we can personalise your shape to bring harmony to your face. We’re experienced at bring out the best in overgrown brows, sparse brows and traumatised brows and will use a combination of tweezers and hot wax for the best possible finish.
Brow Waxing
15 mins
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Do you know that eyebrows are the first thing that introduce you to someone? Never underestimate the power of eyebrows. brow lamination is the treatment that straightens the hairs making them more manageable. Unruly or sparse brows will be fuller, smoother and lifted for up to 6weeks .
Brow lamination £ 40 
Brow lamination with tint £ 45 
Full brow lamination + tidy-up  £52. 
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