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Styling Tips For Age 50​

I was born in Africa. If you know anything about Africa, you know that plus size women are lauded. I was skinny. Needless to say, I had to figure out how I could be more accepting of myself than society was. This acceptance for me came through dressing. From a young age, I was always into dressing and ensuring that I was well put together. This continued as I became more mature.

I realize that I am always getting compliments on my dressing and I am writing this article to help you as a mature woman or man to understand style and what will work for you depending on a number of factors.

As women, we all love makeup but as you mature, you need to adapt to what works for your skin as it changes. You also need to be aware of hairstyles that will do you no justice as mature woman; what worked for us when we were younger will not work for us now that we are mature. From our makeup to our hair, down to the colors we choose believe it or not, all of these affect our over-all style.

Below, I will share with you my tips for dressing as a mature woman while remaining timeless and classy.

  1. Stay Away From NEON!

Neon is not our friend. We are mature, and regardless of how young we look for our age, neon is simply pushing it. We need to accept that this is our age and we cannot do the things younger women do and get away with it the way they can. The phrase, “less is more” really does work in our favor.

  1. Neutrals Are Our Best Choice

Neutrals, unlike neon is our best friend. Neutrals such as nude, beige, browns, off-whites and caramel are tones that never go out of style. We can pull off neutral tones not looking “old” but rather timeless and classy.

  1. It is Important That We Choose the Right Print

When we were younger, we could wear any print and we would be okay. As we mature, we have to pay closer attention to the prints we wear. Stipes and animal prints we pull off in an amazing way. Florals, however, not so much. Florals will make us look outdated. There are women who can pull this off incredibly but you have to know if you are one of those women. A good marker to figuring this out is the way it sits on your skin and whether it lifts your face. Wearing florals also depend on the kind of floral print and the base color. Prints must be paired with a neutral to ensure the maintenance of class and timelessness. We can never go wrong with solid colors and neutrals.

  1. Steer Clear of Trends

From time to time, we will see trends emerging and we will be tempted to try them to see if we could pull it off. This is a trap we must avoid. The less it looks like we are trying to fit in with the younger crowd, the easier it is for us to maintain our classy appearance. A-line skirts and straight stitched pants as well as wide leg pants never go out of style. These style pieces keep us away from the trends but maintains our classy style.

  1. Light Makeup Works Best for Our Skin Texture

Liquid foundation is great. Great for when we were younger and our skin was of a completely different texture though. As we age, our skin’s elasticity changes and so does its texture. Liquid foundation rests in all the creases and crevices of our skin. You’ll want to avoid that at all cost. Powder foundation works well for us as mature women and does the same thing. Our makeup must enhance what we already have but not be too much that it is obvious that we are wearing excessive makeup.

  1. Choose the Right Tone and Color That Complement Your Skin Tone

We have our complexion and then we have our undertones. Our undertones are why some colors pop on us and some don’t. A yellow top or dress will pop on us if we have a red undertone, but if we have a yellow undertone and put on that same yellow dress, it will sink into our skin and not do any justice for our efforts in our style pursuit.

At age 50, the trick is to not try and fit in with what we see every young person do but to stick to the basics. Colors and tones such as black, browns, whites, beige and off-whites are colors that will always work for us. Muted tones such as greys and blues will uplift our outfits if we pair them right.
There are styles that do not have an expiration date and these styles are styles such as our A-line skirts, flair skirts (gore), wide leg and straight cut pants. Straight stitched skirts and dresses are also always a good idea.

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