Lashes lift and tinting training package


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Lashes lift and tinting training package £60.00

Lashes lift and tinting with the correspondence training with the beautician and trainer Elise SOMBI.
From the technique, to the choice of material, to the care of the client: become an expert and professional in eyelash enhancement.
The training allows you to work conscientiously on each gesture and to apply the ideal protocol for a stunning result.
The eyelash enhancement training we offer by correspondence is ideal for learning the right methods and gestures to adopt.



What is the lashes lift and tinting course ?

It is a correspondence course, which teaches you the basics of the beautician’s trade. The result is a diploma that allows you to work with confidence. By ordering our training kit, you will receive a kit with all the necessary equipment to perform about 15/20 lashes lift and tinting, you will have access to the training video directly from your customer account or by email.

How do you get your diploma ?

For the practical part, we ask you to take before/after photos of 5 of your poses so that we can evaluate your work and correct any defects. If the poses are not satisfactory enough, we can ask for additional photos.

Learning materials in detail

We provide you with :
– A complete kit to start your activity and begin training*.
– An eyelash enhancement protocol manual
– A training video illustrating: (once your order has been placed, you will be able to view your training video directly on your customer account):

  • The preparation of the lashes
  • Explanations of the steps
  • Application of the products

– You will receive unlimited support from our trainer by email via the training contact tab. Don’t forget that in case of emergency we can answer your questions by phone:
Our training course will eventually lead to a diploma.
At the end of your training, you will be able to perform an eyelash enhancement and eyelash tinting, and to advise your clients on the care to be performed.
* What you need in addition: make-up remover, cotton wool, cotton buds (before the application of the treatment) Primer (optional) to degrease the lashes before the operation, Toothpick or metal rod to separate the lashes from each other and to stretch them along their entire length on the silicone.
Effect on eyelash enhancement: about 4 to 5 weeks.

Good Hand Therapy will help you succeed in everything you do!
Practical and economical, this Eyelash Enhancement Kit contains everything you need to start your business and will allow you to offer an additional service. Eyelash enhancement is increasingly in demand, it offers an open, charming look and the eyelashes are more curved, shiny and give the impression of being blacker.

Additional information


14 minutes


-The preparation of the lashes
-Explanations of the steps
-Application of the products


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