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WAXING for men

Men waxing is a temporary hair removal method (about 4 weeks) that effectively removes hair. The hairs that grow back become thinner and softer. For male hair removal, we use warm wax for most areas of the body and hot wax for more sensitive areas (torso and private parts). We use Lycon wax and offer hot wax and strip wax services depending on your preference, the body part and what is best suited for your hair removal.

The best men waxing service in London UK - Good Hand Therapy - Waxing for men

Indeed, waxing is the best method of men hair removal to avoid rapid regrowth of your hair. This technique is the only one that removes the hair directly from the root and destroys the bulb! This is not the case with the razor, which cuts the hair on the surface of the skin, nor with the depilatory cream, which dissolves the hair. Thus, waxing for men ensures slower hair regrowth than all other techniques. With this method of hair removal, count 3 to 4 weeks of tranquility before your hair grows back completely. 

This method of hair removal is particularly suitable for large parts of the body and whose skin is quite thick. It is therefore highly recommended for depilation of the legs, arms, torso or even the back. Do not hesitate to use this technique to perform hair removal on the armpits or the bikini line, although the skin is thinner in these places. Owner Elise is often complimented that her waxing services are pain-free and long lasting. It’s why guests travel all across London and come back time and time again.

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Hot Wax for men
Nose/ Ears
5 mins
10 mins
10 mins
Between Buttocks
10 mins
Buttock & Between Buttocks
20 mins
Scrotum & Between Buttocks
20 mins
Brazilian wax
50 mins
1 hour
Strip Wax for men
Men half arm
15 mins
Men full arm
15 mins
Men stomach
20 mins
Men full back
25 mins
½ leg
10 mins
Full back
20 mins
Upper leg
15 mins
Men full body
1 hour