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Ladies intimate waxing



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Talking of ladies waxing, some women stalk their hair in every nook and cranny. Before proceeding with an intimate hair removal, it is good to know that the hairs have a function, they are not just there to poison your life!

The method of hair removal and the “style” are at the discretion of each woman. Finally, to avoid small “inconveniences”, here are our tips.

What are pubic hair used for?

The primary function of pubic hair is to protect the vulva from infections, preventing germs from entering. They also constitute a protective barrier against shocks, friction from clothing or body friction during sexual intercourse.

There are different methods for ladies waxing:

  • How to shave pubic hair ? With the razor or depilatory cream. Ultra-fast and inexpensive, these first two solutions are however accompanied by very rapid regrowth.
  • How to wax the bikini line ? With wax or electric epilator. Very effective and durable, they are however relatively painful.
  • How to permanently remove the hair ? With pulsed light, laser or electric hair removal. Certainly the most radical, they are also the most expensive. They are especially effective against dark hair on light skin.

Intimate ladies waxing: the different “styles”

  • The classic bikini waxing is low-cut.
  • The brazilian waxing is very low-cut, but without waxing the lips.
  • The string or between the buttocks corresponds to the waxing of the bikini line and the lips, with some hair left on the pubis.
  • The full bikini line: all hair is removed.

How to avoid the small "inconveniences" of hair removal for women's bikini line ?

Ingrown hairs, pimples under the skin, infections… women’s intimate hair removal, whether full or classic, is sometimes accompanied by inconveniences that we would do well without! On D-Day, use perfectly clean and disinfected equipment. After waxing, soothe your skin with a soothing cream to limit irritation and take care of this sensitive area.

Price for intimate ladies waxing and where to have one in London

Ladies waxing Good Hand Therapy

Waxing for women varies between £5 and £150 for hot wax and strip wax depending on the body part.  Intimate ladies waxing or ladies waxing generaly can be perfomed by a beauty therapist and a beauty aesthetician.

At Good Hand Therapy in Bethnal Green London UK, our beauty therapists are qualified and professionally able to take care of customers for a basic bikini waxing, a full body waxing, a brazilian waxing and more.

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