Male waxing applied by beauty esthetician at Good Hand Therapy

Male waxing: a mastered technique at Good Hand Therapy for your well-being!



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Male body hair isn’t always wanted where it is. If they are sometimes perceived as a signature of virility, their excessive abundance or on the contrary their less bushy implantation can be badly experienced.
Today, male waxing is becoming more democratic and everyone must be able to manage their hair or lack thereof as they wish.

At Good Hand Therapy, our specialists are at your disposal, without judgment or taboo to consider with you the hair removal that will give you satisfaction.

The motivations for hair removal are varied:

  • Waxing is common among athletes for more technical reasons (safety, comfort compared to sports clothing, practice of massages or electrostimulation of muscles, for example).
  • In others, the aesthetic aspect predominates. Men want to be waxed for image reasons (back or torso, legs for example) for comfort reasons (armpits, intimate hair removal) or because they quite simply don’t like their hair which they blame for doing dirty or neglected or whose excessive appearance ties them to the animal kingdom….
Therapist Applying Wax On Man's Body

In short today, everyone feels free to remove the hairs that bother them and there is no longer any cause and effect with any loss of virility.

Some women also prefer that their companions be waxed and feel it as a mark of respect and comfort.

Good Hand Therapy is the specialist in men’s care and more particularly in male waxing.

At Good Hand Therapy, all areas of the body and face can be waxed: armpits, arms, hands, cheekbones, eyebrows, nose, chest, belly, legs, scrotum and sex, pubis, buttocks, intergluteal cleft, back, shoulders, neck , ears, our technique adapts to all requests.

Why waxing rather than shaving or depilatory cream?

More effective than shaving or depilatory cream, male waxing leaves the skin soft for several weeks because the hair is pulled out. It then takes longer to grow back when it is just cut during shaving or with depilatory cream. After waxing, the skin remains hairless for up to 4 weeks and the regrowth is then softer, without any “itching” or irritation. The risk of cuts or irritation created by the razor no longer exists. 

At Good Hand Therapy, we epilate with high quality disposable (single-use) hot wax for effective removal while maintaining skin integrity, without bleeding or irritation.

Our specialists will give you all the advice to take good care of your skin after waxing and that regrowth takes place in good conditions. Our expertise in male waxing eliminates most of the commonly observed inconveniences: local redness, ingrown hairs for example. Depending on the strength of the hair, a period of 6 to 8 weeks between the sessions to always have clear skin.

Does it hurt? Waxing for men ?

The most common question when it comes to hair removal for men is: does it hurt?

Of course pain is first and foremost a matter of personal sensitivity. Of course when the hair is pulled out, you feel a feeling of tightness but nothing unbearable even on sensitive areas such as the scholarships or the pectorals. But there are plenty of legends around the pain of hair removal, which die hard, fueled by stories of dramatic personal hair removal.

If hair removal is done well with the correct gesture and good practice, you may find it unpleasant but not unbearable. Entrust your hair removal to a specialist like Good Hand Therapy, it’s the best solution to be satisfied with the result and live well this moment, without stress or anxiety.

Male waxing waxing for men Good hand Therapy London UK

And for intimate male waxing ?

If back hair removal is a great classic, we are also specialized in intimate hair removal, speedo line or buttocks. Increasingly appreciated for various reasons (comfort, hygiene, image for example), this hair removal requires great mastery of the gesture for a long-lasting result. Properly performed, it is not very painful and remains fast. This hair removal always raises a lot of questions and apprehension, but the result is often very appreciated and comfortable. Some more specific explanations:

Intimate hair removal is done on several levels:

  • Simple intimate hair removal: scrotum, around the penis and penis.
  • Integral intimate hair removal: scrotum, penis circumference and penis + pubis
  • Semi-integral intimate hair removal: scrotum and circumference of penis, penis and lateral pubic area.
  • Intergluteal furrow; perianal area

The most effective is to dialogue with our practitioners to determine exactly what you want.

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