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What is lymphatic drainage massage ?



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Lymphatic drainage massage, is a gentle massage method, aimed at improving the circulation of the lymph. This method of massage serves to drain the lymph, a colorless liquid which circulates in the lymphatic vessels and which drains toxins and cellular debris, to rid it of its residues, and thus prevent edema.

The main principles of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph is a colorless liquid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels thanks to the pulsating contractions of muscles and blood vessels. Like a waste disposal system, it drains excess fluids, toxins and cellular debris. Nodes located along the lymphatic vessels, particularly in the folds of the groin, under the armpits and on each side of the neck, help filter the lymph and eliminate the toxins and debris it carries.

When the circulation of the lymph is deficient, the body can weaken and become intoxicated, which risks leading to various health problems: swelling of the limbs, premature aging, cellulite, heavy legs, stretch marks, etc.

Different lymphatic drainage massage methods

Lymphatic drainage essentially employs manual techniques: gentle and precise circular movements made with the palm and fingers, associated with pressures that increase and decrease gradually following the direction of the lymphatic circulation.

There are several methods:

Lymphatic drainage massage - Good Hand Therapy - Bethnal Green London Uk

The Vodder method: according to this method created in the 1930s, the evacuation of the lymph is done using circular movements made with the help of the hand, by varying the pressure.

The method of Dr. Leduc: this technique comes from the work of Vodder. It combines manual lymphatic drainage with the use of pressotherapy devices. The patient’s legs are wrapped in long inflatable boots connected to a compressor, which allows a specific pressure to be exerted in various places.

Benefits of lymphatic drainage

Therapeutic lymphatic drainage for lymphoedema

The lymphatic drainage massage is particularly indicated in cases where the patient has lymphoedema, or faces a significant risk of developing one. Lymphoedema is an increase in volume of a more or less important part of the body following an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the subcutaneous tissues. It often occurs after the removal of lymph nodes, regularly used in the treatment of breast cancer (5 to 20% of cases in the case of breast cancer).

Reduce edema and relieve pain in case of varicose veins

Manual lymphatic drainage may be a treatment considered to treat chronic venolymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs (a disorder of the return of blood and lymphatic fluid to the heart). It would reduce edema which is a source of pain and inflammation. However, this therapeutic approach has not been scientifically documented so far.

Relief for patients with fibromyalgia

A randomized clinical study, carried out on 50 subjects with fibromyalgia, evaluated the effect of manual lymphatic drainage compared to connective tissue massage as a source of potential treatment. After 3 weeks of treatment, improvements in the state of health and quality of life, and a reduction in pain were observed in the subjects of the 2 groups. In the manual lymphatic drainage group, higher improvements in the level of fatigue on rising and anxiety were noted compared to the other group.

Contribute to the treatment of limb lymphoedema

Manual lymphatic drainage has been the subject of few scientific studies in the case of lymphoedema resulting from obstruction of the lymphatic vessels. A summary of studies concluded that manual lymphatic drainage, used alone, does not seem to be an effective approach to reducing the volume of lymphoedema. But, the researchers point out that other studies will be necessary to better assess its effectiveness, alone or in combination with other therapies.

Where to receive a lymphatic drainage treatment ?

Good Hand Therapy Bethnal Green London Uk lymphatic drainage massage pressotherapy facials and more

A lymphatic drainage massage is practiced in private practice, in clinics, hospitals and aesthetic care centers such as Good Hand Therapy in Bethnal Green, London UK. The duration of a session varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The naked person is lying on a massage table and covered with a sheet. The practitioner uncovers the area to be treated and performs a series of slow, gentle wave-like movements that create a pumping effect. The goal is to drain excess fluids from the tissues and improve circulation. Several sessions may be necessary before obtaining noticeable results.

In need of a lymphatic drainage treatment ? Book a session today with us by dialing (+44) 745 493 8899.

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